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FiiO E10 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier


If you enjoy listening to music like I do then this gadget is for you. Most PC’s and Laptops have basic OK sound cards and when you plugin you headphones they sound flat and boring with hardly any real deep bass, the E10 changes this. It is basically like having a high powered external sound card for your PC, he E10 is an Amplifier for your headphones boosting your headphones performance. It also has a great price tag of $80 which is great I believe. Now I know that some may say “well you can just buy a better sound card for your PC” and my answer “Yes” you could BUT: this is portable and it works with PC and MAC, desktops and Laptops. So can buy this and use it with all your devices.

First impressions:

Well when I first received this in the mail and I opened it up I was like WTF how small is this amplifier!

It was very easy to setup, just plugin the USB cable into your PC and off you go. No special software or driver required, my Windows 7 PC picked up and install this without any problems.

Sound Quality:

OMG this totally changes you listening experience, the High tones are clear and loud and bass is awesome. Without E10 your headphones just sound flat and boring.

I could go on with more technical nerd talk but trust me the E10 dramatically changes your listening experience, it makes music sound real even basic low quality MP3s at 128k sound like they are 320k AAC files !

But bottom line to fully enjoy the E10 you MUST have good quality headphones.


● Power supply: Standard MINI USB port
● Output Power: 150mW(32Ω)
● Sample rate USB decoder: 96KHz/24 Bit (Maximum)
● Coaxial output: Stereo PCM
● Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
● Suitable Headphone Impedance: 16Ω~300Ω
● Size: 79×49.1×21mm
● Weight: 82g

● Volume potentiometer,Barrier free design, easy to operate.Volume digital indicator, more intuitive.
● Bass boost,OFF:0dB;ON:+3dB , built-in bass boosting circuit ,it’s different with traditional software to set the EQ, the effect of E10 will be better.
● USB digital Audio convert to coaxial digital audio output.
● Line output,Fixed level audio line output with full scale.
● Support to install automatically without any driver, maximum output :96K/24Bit.
● All- aluminium shell, enhanced anti-interference ability, thus it’s more reliable and durable



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