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Review : OCZ AGILITY 3 120GB SATA3


The OCZ AGILITY 3 120GB SATA3 is just below the OCZ Vertex 3 but it is still a very fast SSD. It features both SATA2 (3gbps) and SATA3 (6gbps) connections, so if your motherboard does not have SATA3 (like mine) you can still use this SSD but with reduced speeds.

Max Performance at SATA3 6Gbps mode:

Max Read: up to 525MB/s
Max Write: up to 500MB/s

Max Performance at SATA2 3Gbps Mode:

Max Read: up to 280MB/s
Max Write: up to 260MB/s

Real World Tests and Benchmark Results

UPDATE : I am running beta BIOS on my PC and it has made the boot up faster, watch video here:

Windows 7 x64 Boot up test:

Photoshop CS4 start up test:

HD Tune 2.55 Benchmark test

Please note I am running in SATA2 AHCI Mode (my Motherboard does not have SATA3):


Now just to compared this SSD against a HDD; Here is the same test but on a WD 160GB 7200RPM HDD SATA2 AHCI Mode:


As you can see running the OCZ AGILITY 3 in SATA2 (3Gbps) AHCI mode it is still very fast compared to a Normal Hard Drive.

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